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Best Catering Service in London

Based in London and managed by its own owners, Argentalia offers the best Italian-Argentinean style catering service in London.

The passion for food and hospitality has made us the event and catering choice for great venues around. Most catering and events companies start with pretty staff or edible flowers, but we start with exceptional food and build an experience that complements that.

Our Catering Options

Argentine Menu

Buffet salad with differents kings of vegetables and salad as Waldorf, Mixta, rusa, Cesar, etc. Matambre(meat roll) and empanadas(small argentine pastry)
Argentine Parrillada, chorizo, morcilla (blackpudding), asado, vacio, entraƱa (different cuts of beef), pork and chicken.

Italian Buffet

Variety of Tramezzini, pasta and differents sauces, homemade ravioli, pizzettes and Italian delicatesen.

Argentalia Buffet

Sandwichs de miga (special argentine sandwiches), individual salad, pasta table with variety of different pasta and their characteristic sauces, buffet of argentine parrillada with all variety of cuts of beef, pork, chicken and lamb.
Sweet table of dessets